Why does HemTab work so well at healing Hemorrhoids?

HemTab ingredients are a perfect combination of healing herbs that have been used for over a century to treat hemorroids . The combination of herbs that are used in HemTab work perfect with each other, and can combat even the most stubborn hemorrhoid condition. Please check out ingredient list to see the powerful herbal agents used to heal hemorrhoids.

*Many competitors of HemTab attempt to use the same ingredients, but please understand the importance of high quality ingredients. We use only the highest grade raw material in the business, and that`s a fact. The other companies that try to duplicate our hemorrhoid fighting system are using bottom of the barrel raw materials. Watered-down products will not give you the full healing potential of HemTab.


Blonde Psyllium

Blond psyllium comes from a shrub and works in the body as a fiber in the digestive process. It is used not only to soften stools, but also to aid in the creation of bowel movements as a laxative.

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One of the chief causes of hemorrhoids is the lack of hydration in the body that also causes constipation and straining when using the bathroom. The production of hard stools irritates the tissues (veins and vessels) located in the rectum and anus which help to move the stool in the process of excreting hard waste from the body. Once irritated, these tissues begin to itch and become inflamed, and finally become extremely painful when untreated.

Since lack of hydration is one of the primary causes of hard stools and the painful experience of hemorrhoids, using an herb like blond psyllium can be helpful in helping to soften stools, which makes going to the bathroom less painful for sufferers, as well as helps to prevent future incidents of irritation from occurring. Psyllium can also be used as a laxative to induce the movement of the stool before it becomes hard and further irritates the tissues in the rectum and anus.

Blond psyllium is usually ingested as seeds that have been mixed with water, but it is also available in many other forms, such as tablets or in liquids. One should drink a lot of water and be well hydrated when ingesting blond psyllium because it is a fiber, and the use of water is necessary in order to aid the digestive process.

Some people also apply blond psyllium directly to the skin on the hemorrhoids as a poultice in order to bring immediate relief, and this has been known in some cases to help reduce swelling, as well. Blond psyllium will usually not work in itself as a full treatment for hemorrhoids, but in conjunction with astringents and other herbs, it may be effective in helping the sufferer to cope with constipation and the production of hard stools, as well as provide much sought temporary relief.

As with any herb that is available for use, one should consult with a doctor before using blond psyllium to treat hemorrhoids.

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Witch Hazel Leaf

Witch hazel, extracted from the plant (Hamamelisvirginiana), grows in North America and has been used for hundreds of years for medicinal purposes by people indigenous to the area. One of its major attractions is its external use on skin. The witch hazel leaf contracts blood vessels which then reduces swelling or inflammation and causes bleeding to stop.

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When the veins and tissues in the anus that are used by the body to  aid in the passage of stool become irritated, the blood veins may become swollen which leads to bumps on the surface on the skin that are very sensitive, create an itch, and are usually painful. There are many ways in which hemorrhoid tissues may become irritated and lead to inflammation, including not having enough fiber or fluids in one’s diet or having too much salt in the system that absorbs water and reduces fluid. Other factors may include unhealthy habits such as holding it in when one feels the impulse to go to the bathroom, which produces even harder stools that act as irritants, as well as straining due to constipation.

Witch hazel can be applied as a cream or as a tincture (an alcohol-based liquid) by gently applying a small amount to the hemorrhoid tissues for a few minutes at a time. The usual use is to soak a pad or cotton ball in a witch hazel tincture and apply it to the skin on the external places where there is swelling on the anus. Immediate relief of itching, burning sensations, as well as pain can result. Over a period of time, witch hazel works as an anti-inflammatory astringent to reduce swelling, and may also act to restore the tissues and veins to their normal and non-irritated state.

Witch hazel is available in products as a cream for internal hemorrhoids, as well, or as a suppository. Witch hazel is considered by many to be one of the most effective natural products for treating both symptoms and reducing actual swelling. Pregnant women who develop either pre-natal or post-natal hemorrhoids should consult a doctor before using witch hazel as a treatment.

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Hesperidin is a useful drug known as a bioflavonoid and can be used in the treatment of hemorrhoids because of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The human body cannot itself produce hesperidin (or any bioflavonoid), but it is needed in order for the body to perform at its optimum levels of health.

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We usually get it from eating citrus fruits, like oranges, but it is available as an herbal supplement, as well. One of its most pragmatic functions is that it helps the body to absorb vitamin C (also found in oranges).

Hemorrhoids occur when the sensitive blood vessels and veins that are located in the rectum and anus become irritated, usually due to lack of hydration, which produced hard stools that can damage the tissues that help promote or push the stool from the body. When these vessels become damaged, they can have miniscule tears or holes in them and be “leaky,” which causes them to become itchy and inflamed until you can eventually feel a small protrusion (in the case of external hemorrhoids) that may or may not also bleed. Untreated, hemorrhoids can be extremely painful and have a significant negative impact on the sufferer’s quality of life.

Hesperidin is likely not to be very useful in the immediate and temporary relief of suffering caused by hemorrhoids, but can help to heal the blood vessels and veins, reduce swelling and inflammation, and help to strengthen the tissues comprised of vessels and veins that are located in the anus and rectum once they have healed, filling in the holes and repairing the tears caused by irritation. Used in conjunction with other supplements, such as witch hazel, as a natural astringent to provide immediate relief, hesperidin is useful both in vessel repair, as well as in the general circulation of blood.

Hesperidin and other bioflavonoids also have antiviral and antiallergenic properties that may contribute to one’s overall health when used properly. As with any herbal supplement, one should consult with a doctor before using hesperidin for the treatment of hemorrhoids, especially if you already suffer from a circulatory problem, or are on any kind of related medication.

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Horse Chestnut Leaf

Horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum) is used to help stimulate better blood circulation, and it has been known to be helpful in the treatment of hemorrhoids. Many people believe that it helps to reduce swelling or inflammation, as well as repairing the walls of blood vessels. Horse chestnut can be applied directly on external hemorrhoids as a compass.

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Hemorrhoids occur when the blood vessels in the rectum and anus which help to aid the passage of waste from the body become irritated and begin to swell. There are many ways in which hemorrhoid tissues may become irritated and lead to inflammation, including not having enough fiber or fluids in one’s diet; or having too much salt in the system that absorbs water and reduces fluid. Other factors may include habits such as holding it when one feels the impulse to go to the bathroom, which produces harder stools that act as irritants, as well as straining or forcing it due to constipation.

Applying a tincture of horse chestnut mixed with a little water on hemorrhoids has been known to help aid the walls of blood vessels by filling in the miniscule places where tears or leaks may occur. It is also thought to help make veins more elastic and to increase better cellular circulation.  Horse chestnut usually works as an aid to bring immediate relief, but it has not been known to cure hemorrhoids or to completely reduce swelling. It helps to alleviate symptoms and to possibly strengthen tissues, but is unlikely to resolve the underlying problem. Many people use horse chestnut for immediate relief in conjunction with Preparation-H or a natural alternative such as witch hazel, which is another effective astringent.

Since the active drug in horse chestnut, aescin, is not only an astringent that can help to repair veins, it also works to thin blood so should be used with care. It definitely should not be used by anyone who has circulatory problems or is on blood-thinning medication. It’s always a good idea to consult with a doctor before using any kind of herb or drug for treatment.

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