HemTab Kit#1

Severe Case of Hemorrhoids

Package contains: 3 Bottles of Extra Strength
Hemtab, 2 bottles of HemTab (Number Two 2),
1 bottle of HemTab "Soothe".

Healing Times:
Pain: Instant
Hemorrhoids Cleared: 1-6 weeks


The HemTab product was developed by medical professionals that have a combined 85 years experience in treating hemorrhoids.

Additional Information

HemTab Kit#1 is an aggressive all-around treatment that will soothe high levels of pain and rapidly reduces inflammation and swelling. Stops bleeding and itching. Eliminates burning sensation instantly with our HemTab Soothe. HemTab Kit#1 was specifically developed to help hemorrhoid sufferers with a severe case of the condition. We are so confident the HemTab products will exceed your expectations, or you pay nothing. We offer a 60 Day No Risk Money Back Guarantee.

Note: Products such as Preparation-H, Tucks, Hem Relief, Hemovir, Emuaid, and others were not developed to heal the hemorrhoidal tissue. These products only give temporary relief and only mask the medical problem. This is why most hemorrhoids never truly heal and diminnish. With HemTab, we provide healing agents that repairs the hemorroidal tissue. These agents keep swelling down and prevents painful bowl movements, so you can get your life back!

*All Natural. No GMOs.


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HemTab Extra Strength is a great healer for the blood vessels and veins and can help to strengthen the tissues located in the anus and rectum. Once the anus and rectum has healed, the repairing process begins by filling in the holes and fixing the tears caused by irritation. Used in conjunction with HemTab Soothe, a natural astringent, will provide immediate relief from burning sensation and throbbing pain. HemTab will help to soften stools, so there is less irritation in the anus and rectum area while the healing process continues. HemTab(2) is the reinforcement that`s part of the 3-pronged system to help aid the walls of blood vessels by filling in the miniscule places where tears or leaks may of occurred. Hemtab will also help make veins more elastic and increase better cellular circulation. After the HemTab 3-pronged system is completely finished, the swelling is significantly reduced, pain has subsided, bleeding is gone, and bowel movements are no longer painful.